Planet Rainbow, the State's largest collection of Utah Books, Regional Souvenirs and Gifts.  It is a delightful destination for local visitors and out-of-town guests alike. 

Click to Enter Utah Book Nooks
Click to Enter Utah Book Nooks

Click to Enter Utah Book Nooks

The Utah Book Nooks offer a stroll through nine colorful, locally themed venues filled with unique Utah books and Souvenir mementos.   Enter the Nooks.

The American Alcove (opening for the Christmas holidays of 2002) will offer an extensive collection of noted Americana books and collectables such as Coca-Cola, Harley Davidson, and Anheiser Busch.

The Olympic Gallery, which opened for the 2002 Salt Lake Winter Olympics, continues to offer an amazing selection of Olympic memorabilia to commemorate a highlight of Utah's recent history.  Here you will find pins, hats, torches, books, posters, crystal and charms.

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Planet Rainbow was Utah's top independent designer, creator, and sponsor of Olympic Pins, including the famous Mormon Muffin pin. Don't miss a visit to our extensive Olympic pin collection located in the Olympic Gallery.

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